Our Lighting Partners

We partner with some of Australia’s & the world’s leading lighting manufacturers, designers & artisans to bring a unique and diverse range of lighting product to the Australian market. These companies share the same core business values & ethos as ourselves – passion, integrity, creativity, customer service and delivery.

From Europe to the United States & Africa to Australasia, our lighting partners & brands are synonymous with quality, functionality, style & innovation.

  • Brand Van Egmond

    Brand Van Egmond

    At Brand van Egmond we believe spaces – and people – deserve a lighting sculpture that evokes emotions and adds character. With decades of experience our team is specialised in designing the finest handcrafted lighting sculptures for both residential as well as public spaces.

  • Italamp


    Italamp – Founded by Matteo Vitadello in 1975 and now managed by Manuela and Roberta Vitadello who have given the company an international identity. An intense and successful story that has led a small and innovative reality to become a point of reference in the lighting industry.

  • Leucos


    Founded in 1962 in Scorzè in the outskirts of Venice, and later moved on to the neighbourhood of Salzano, LEUCOS soon became a leader in glass decorative lighting thanks to its ability in exploring different contemporary creative and manufacturing possibilities.



    DE MAJO IIluminazione was first established at the end of the Second World War by Guido de Majo, who, having left his native Naples, moved to the Lagoon, and in 1947 founded his first glassworks on the island of Murano.

  • Hubbardton Forge

    Hubbardton Forge

    Hubbardton Forge employs more than 220 people in Vermont and is one of the country’s oldest and largest commercial forges operating today. It all started with two guys, an old barn and some borrowed tools.

  • Egoluce


    Egoluce – Italy is the cradle of creativity. Craft tradition and Italian style are known and admired all over the world, so that the brand Made in Italy has always been an added and sought after value. An Italian product is immediately recognizable for the care of details and the aesthetic values it expresses.

  • Feiss


    In 1955, Murray Feiss started his company offering a small assortment of porcelain figurine lamps topped with his mother’s hand-sewn lampshades. Discerning consumers soon began to seek out the quality and unique nature of these designs. Now greatly expanded, Feiss continues to maintain the highest standards for materials and workmanship.

  • Arturo Alvarez

    Arturo Alvarez

    Arturo Alvarez have designed and manufactured decorative lighting for over 20 years. The natural environment where their factory is based, near Santiago de Compostela, in the northwest of Spain, is a constant source of inspiration that is reflected in the forms, textures and materials of their lamps.

  • Hinkley


    Under four generations of family leadership, Hinkley Lighting has transformed from a small outdoor lantern company to a global brand intent on bringing you the best in style, quality and value. Hinkley thrive on personal relationships, regional roots, inspiring design and a family atmosphere that is encouraged at every level of their company.

  • Fredrick Ramond

    Fredrick Ramond

    Hinkley’s luxury line: Chic, fashionable lighting with a focus on exciting designs, modern elegence and lavish details. Using the finest materials and finishes available, Fredrick Ramond lighting fixtures offer unparalleled style that will impress even the most discerning audience and suit an array of sophisticated décor styles.

  • Seagull Lighting

    Seagull Lighting

    Seagull Lighting is asked for by name, known for their quality and trusted by professional electricians, homebuilders, architects, specifiers and consumers to be the best.

  • Tech Lighting

    Tech Lighting

    For 25 years, Tech Lighting has been a industry leader in low-voltage lighting systems and contemporary decorative fixtures. Since inception, we have expanded well beyond our roots, and today our portfolio transcends specific aesthetic and categorical definitions – and instead is rooted in innovative, original design and uncompromising quality across a myriad of lighting solutions.

  • Allegri Crystal

    Allegri Crystal

    Passion for crystal is behind the masterpiece we call Allegri. The history of crystal dates back to the beginning of time. At Allegri, they pay homage to crystal by offering an array of classic, timeless designs, along with modern styles that transcend time. Their designs are dressed in our exclusive Firenze Crystal. Firenze Crystal is sourced throughout the world to meet exacting standards for machine cut, machine polished jewels with a coating that creates an amazing high degree of shine and refraction.

  • Kalco


    Kalco – Our dedication to Design, Service and Quality is the foundation of our success, we are confident that this presentation of hand-crafted and hand finished fixtures and furnishings will continue the tradition.

  • Unios


    Unios believe in light as an extension of every surface, every structure – enriching everyday experiences through light. By blending precise design and engineering, Unios bring light to life in all its diversity. As agile makers of light, Unios shape and build luminaires that blend aesthetics and technology. Their luminaires help define and accentuate the environments we live and work in; now and in the future.

  • Brightgreen


    Brightgreen’s purpose is to create lights that make your interiors look amazing. In pursuit of this, they recently asked the best architects, engineers, electricians, interior and lighting designers what they think really makes an amazing interior. According to their key clientele, the perfect set of lights they needed had not yet been realised. So, Brightgreen set about redesigning their entire range from the ground up in pursuit of the perfection they were seeking.

  • Lightmodo


    Lightmodo – Suppliers of European and local architectural, commercial & bespoke lighting products. Sourcing products from throughout Europe and Australiasia to meet the specification and visual requirements of projects of all sizes. Specializing in Architectural lighting for Commerical, Residential, Retail fit-out, Restaurants & Venues. Suppliers of the following brands:
    • Lystra
    • Lira Lighting
    • ROXO
    • Mantra Lighting

  • Aqualux


    Aqualux started with the desire to introduce to the market a range of premium quality outdoor luminaires suitable for both the architectural and residential markets. Through a combination of attention to detail and a desire to respond to the needs of the market and the installers of their fittings, Aqualux have developed a series of product families that represent the best available products in their class.

  • Hunza


    At Hunza their goal is simple; to craft the best outdoor landscape lights in the world and do it in a way that cares for the environment and the lives of those who contribute to our success. Hunza believe that when you hold a HUNZA product in your hands, you will appreciate the care, the precision and the pride we take in engineering outdoor lights that are truly the finest in the world.

  • Havit


    Havit Lighting is one of Australia’s leading wholesale manufacturer in providing premium quality and high performance exterior lighting products. Havit ensure the highest quality from their products through quality design, manufacturing and rigorous testing.

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