Bennison | An enchanting architectural statement of lighting and modern design

Proudly featured in the first edition of ‘Living with Light’ by Unios.

Located in the bustling city of Brisbane, Bennison is a unique residential statement that explores the fusion of architecture, material, nature and light.

Designing Bennison means carrying the vision of immersing warmth and peacefulness into the functionality of a home. To execute this vision, a masterful play of light comes without saying.

Unios Bianco Wall Light embrace Bennison’s exterior and interior in soft and warm illumination. On the outside, the luminaire’s striking lighting effect harmonises with the timber palette beautifully, resulting in a homely envelope that is unique in every way. On the inside, the luminaire pairs with the Titanium Downlight for general and accent lighting tasks. With a minimal design, low glare and excellent optics, the Titanium Downlight assist in wayfinding and mood setting while bringing comfort to the premise.

Hidden behind mirrors and cupboards is the Eclipse Linear Light. With exceptional performance and dot-free illumination, the luminaire lights up the space as an indirect light source, bringing comfort and a sense of homeliness to Bennison.

Click here to see the full project feature in Living with Light Edition 1!

Architect: Shaun Lockyer Architects
Builder: Black Developments
Smart Home Integrator: Electronic Living
Engineer: Westera Partners
Electrician: Smart Space Electrical
Photographer: Scott Burrows Photographer
Lighting Supplier: Project 20