AGASALLO by Héctor Serrano for Arturo Alvarez

Project 20 is excited to announce the release of the stunning new collection ‘Agasallo‘, which means “gift” in Galician, designed by Héctor Serrano for Arturo Alvarez‘s editor, A-emotional Light.

The collection is made up of 4 suspension lamps with infinite possibilities to make compositions and that can be configured to illuminate indoor and outdoor spaces, made of the brand’s emblematic material: hand-painted and molded metal mesh.

There is something extraordinary when a material is given freedom to express itself and this is precisely what happens in Agasallo” , says Héctor Serrano.

This is where the design of Agasallo started, a collection based on the natural properties of the material. Based on a cylindrical shape and through a spontaneous play with a thread that stretches at different points in the shape, the designer has achieved the collection’s soft shapes. Its silhouette thus arises naturally from an industrial material.

Once again, the designer Héctor Serrano has given an everyday product a spin. A particular vision that has led him to exhibit his pieces in museums in London, Amsterdam or New York.

We present the new masterpiece by A by Arturo Álvarez.






The form of Agasallo arises from a simple gesture. Starting from a cylinder and passing a thread that stretches through various points, the Valencian designer achieves the folds with which the organic and soft shapes of the piece are created. Thus Héctor Serrano has achieved an almost handmade piece based on an industrial material. Achieving its design through a game of “tug of war” and a game of manual experimentation. Thanks to the metal mesh, with small holes in the hand-painted surface, the lamp illuminates the space with a special shine and texture.

The collection is hand painted in 5 colors, white, beige, gray, taupe and custom – a characteristic colour of the firm. Thanks to the sinuous shapes that are achieved with its folds and the colours of the collection, the luminaire generates unique light effects. The light is projected into the space creating a special glow, almost like a jewel. The new collection created for A-emotional Light is suitable for both indoors and outdoors and is available in four heights that can be combined to form different compositions and unique environments.

If you can imagine this stunning collection in your project, contact our team to discuss further!