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Lighting, like the internet, is something we rarely think about. It’s there. It’s useful. And it’s not until it stops working that we realise just how much we rely on it. Lighting plays an important role in any interior space. When decorating, people usually focus on furniture, carpentry and walls, and lighting almost always becomes an afterthought.

Enter Project 20 — Australia’s premier luxury architectural lighting supply and design specialist servicing residential and commercial projects in Queensland and throughout Australia. With more than 30 years of lighting experience both nationally and internationally, the company works collaboratively with you to create stunning and dynamic illuminated spaces. Project 20 has established itself as a formidable force in the industry, using progressive and energy-efficient lighting sourced locally and from around the world.

Hawthorne Hamptons House - Kitchen

Kichler – Belle 4 Light Pendant


Pete Seabrook - Project 20

Pete Seabrook – Director of Project 20

“We collaborate with some of the world’s leading lighting craftspeople, designers and companies that share the same work ethos as ourselves: passion, integrity, creativity, exceptional customer service and a desire to deliver results,” says Pete Seabrook, managing director of Project 20. “We specialise in residential, corporate, hospitality and aged care projects and include modern, contemporary, classical and traditional architectural lighting ranges to suit your individual requirements.” A new build, renovation or extension, whether it be commercial, hospitality or residential in nature, can often be a very complex ask if approached and undertaken in the wrong way. Hey, it can be a mission even if approached the right way! “One of the many facets of construction is how to illuminate the building correctly. Most people find this a little confusing and overwhelming,” says Pete.

“By engaging lighting professionals in a company like Project 20, who can offer the appropriate advice, guidance and direction as well as a diverse range of products from national and international lighting partners, feelings of confusion are replaced with confidence and clarity.”

Lighting is an essential feature in every room of the home. Why, then, is it often overlooked from a design perspective? Lighting is so much more than basic illumination. It is also instrumental in crafting the mood and ambiance of a space. “Lighting is often left to the last minute and this is where problems arise; budgets are stretched, and quality is compromised,” says Pete. “But if you don’t illuminate in the correct way, your space will appear drab and unappealing. Allow a realistic, sufficient budget for decent lighting from the start.”

Synchronicity Solitude Pendant

Synchronicity – Solitude Pendant

Thanks to Project 20, it’s never been easier to get the lighting right. Offering lighting consultations, lighting designs and lighting supplies, as a collective number of services or as individually required, the company injects a serious amount of energy and determination into your lighting, ensuring your project will always be in good hands.

Written by Stephanie Russo for HOME DESIGN (Universal Media Co)

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